Rules for students

  1. 80% presenty is necessary for every student
  2. Presenty is essential for each lecture. Students who take facility in fee concession must be regular.
  3. Students should complete extra. Curricular work given by college.
  4. Students should behave courteously in college.
  5. Various instructions displayed on the notice board. Students don’t read notices so they face difficulty ar loss, college will not be responsible for it. Students should make it habitual to read the notice board.
  6. Students should always keep identity cord with themselves.
  7. Students should present for extra. Curricular programmes & take the advantages of guest’s knowledge.
  8. College fee is paid in bank students should fill complete information such as name, class, roll no, details regarding the fees. Keep the bank chalan till leaving the college. No. complaint will be accepted without it.

Rules regarding physical education.

  1. First year student should be present for physical education class students are responsible for the action taken against them for their absence.
  2. Students who are selected for the inter college competition will be exempted from physical education class.
  3. Sports equipments will not be available during the morning session for practice. No one should play on ground during morning lectures going on.
  4. Students should present on ground during practice hours. Only those student are selected for various competition who attends practice regularly. Physical directors decision is obligatory regarding practice time & sport equipments.
  5. Students are not allowed to take sport equipments at home if the students last sport equipment, he has to pay the price it.
  6. The students who are going out of station for competition should obey team managers instruction otherwise it will be taken as a misconduct.
  7. Students representing at inter, university competition get additional to mark from university students should contact regarding this during submitting exam forms.

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