Rule For Admission Eligibility

  1. Each student has to acquire eligibility from NMU to get the admission in the the college student himself is responsible for his eligibility college is not responsible for students should fill the required form & for eligibility student himself should ensure their eligibility university’s decision is obligatory for student.
  2. Migrated students from other colleges in NMU should take permission of their principal they should produce the specimen form the students who passed exam externally will not get admission every year university’s eligibility rules are changing & these are obligatory to all students students should submit eligibility form as soon as it is informed.

F.Y.B.Com. & F.Y.B.B.M (E-commerce)

Students who have passed Maharashtra State’s secondary & higher secondary Board’s 12th std exam with English & M.C.V.C’s course can be eligible to take admission.

Document’s required to take admission.

  1. Original & two Xerox copies of 12th mark sheet passing with English subject (Students should keep 10 extra zerox copies for themselves)
  2. Students should fill eligibility form & eligibility fee Rs 50 for university as soon as they are informed.
  3. If any education is taken after 12th produce its mark sheet & T.C
  4. If there as a gap in education student should bring affedevit from Tahasildars office student should mention that he not taken education in any other institution.

Imp:- student should keep all fee challan with themselves on eligibility farm student should write print no & date.


Students who are failed in minimum 2 subjects (2 theory + 2 practical) of first year (means A.T.K.T far tow subjects) are eligible for S.Y.B.Com.


Students who are failed in minimum 2 subjects of second year are eligible for T.Y.B.Com. But he should have passed other subjects it is compulsory to pass first year.


Students who are failed in minimum 2 subjects of second year are eligible for T.Y.B.Com. But he should have passed other subjects it is compulsory to pass first year.
Students who took admission in S.Y.B.Com & T.Y.B.Com without considering above mentioned conditions are responsible for its consequence college will not responsible for it. Student who are eager to take admission in S.Y.B.Com or T.Y.B.Com. Should submit trancefer certificate from previous college along with college change certificate attested by principal. Principal’s decision regarding admission (By retaining above mentioned responsibility) is ultimate.

1.4. M.Com

T.Y.B.Com Passed students are eligible to take admission for M.Com part I

  1. To cancel the admission.
  2. If the students cancel his admission the process of returning the fee will be accoreling to the university rules. If the admission is cancelled within 15 to 30 days 20% fees will be deducted students should notice that if the admission is cancelled after so day’s fees will not be returned back.
    Written form is essential for the cancellation of admission.
    If the students cancel his admission after the beginning of semester above mentioned conditions are not applicable for him. He/ she should pay full fee & semester tution fee students should consider such condition while taking admission.

  3. Readmission & college transference.
  4. Students who didn’t secure satisfactory marks can take readmission by paying fee according to university rule. Readmission will be given only after principal’s approval students who want to change subject, faculty, college should fill an application, fees & take university’s permission such students should remain in contact with the office upto university approval such applications should be submitted in the office up to 10th August.
    Students fill farms by telling incomplete Aral information to the office students came to the office & inquires & the information is given accordingly office isn’t responsible for Aral information application essential for such important things.

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