Dhule Education Society 94 Years Old Tree Of Knowledge

Dhule Education Society is one of Reknown Educational Institution Established with motivation of special aim influenced by National thoughts in British rule. During Those days, social, reformers, infuenced by idealistic thoughts of Lokmanya Tilak, Late Vishnushashtri Chiplunkar, Late Agarkar Started J. R. City High School on 3rd July 1916 with holy object of opening doors of knowledghe for the students of neglected part like Dhule.
For National Work of education expansion Great donor at that time, Shri Sheth Jivanram Jodhraj donated to the generously donation in the memory of Shri Late Jodraj Ramlal. Tree of Education continued blossoming during the period of time.
In 1937, New City High School was established Afterwards, due to the generous donation by Kisanrao Karankal , the school is named , Kisanrao Sonuji Karankal New City High School.
In 1958, Madyamik Vidyalay was established in Deopur. Afterwards On Receiving donation from Chitale family, it was named after. Ram Chandra Keshav Chitale Madyamik Vidyalay.
In 1961 , College of Education , in 1984 , M. D. Palesha Commerce College and in 1990 , Institute Of Management Education was established. These Institutes have prosperous balanced development.
Now a days more than nine thousand students are percving education. The management body of Dhule Education Society has started, not even higher and high school level but, Vikas and Adarsh Prathmic imparting Primary Education.
On 3rd July 2010, Society Celebrated 94th Anniversary with great joy and pomp.