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D. E. Society, the oldest and premier educational organization in the old khandesh district, established in 1916 had started three secondary schools in Dhule. In 1960 college of Education was started. In order to fill in the gap in the field of higher education the society decided to start Commerce College and accordingly it was established in the year 1984. From the very beginning it was decided to focus on commerce education and therefore the college is a single faculty college. One of the leading businessmen in Dhule city Manaklalji Dharmchandji Palesha, out of his affection and deep respect for D.E. Society, offered donation for this college. The naming ceremony of the college was performed on 15.12.1987 by the Hon. Nanaji Deshmukh, the well-known social worker at the national level. In the first year as the college started in the month of August, the started in the month of August, the strength of the students was 35. But from 1985 onward the strength increased rapidly and it crossed 300/400 in the year 1987.
The members of Management of Dhule Education Society are not only highly qualified but are men of integrity and are socially committed. The College or a period of first six years i.e. 1984 to 1990 was on non grant basis. Salary grants were sanctioned in phased manner from 1986 and it was only in the year 1990 that the college was eligible for 100% salary and non-salary grants. It must be mentioned that even during this period of non availability of grants, our management was very keen on paying not only full salary that too on 1st of every month to all, no members of teaching and non teaching staff, but also has paid out of its own funds all D.A differences, Bonus, increments and even U.G.C revised Scale differences of Fourth Pay Commission. This is probably the only management which has accepted and completed its obligation towards its employees.
Within a span of first 5 years the college, because of its innovative and focused activities like annual seminars, a District level youth festival in 1988-89, investors club and such other activities became a leading commerce college.
As an extension of the commerce education, D.E Society decided to start one more Institute of higher education & accordingly our Institute of Management Education offering Post Graduate Courses in Management and Computer was established in the year 1990. This institute provided opportunities to the students to pursue higher studies in the field of computer & management & build up their career. We are proud to state that this is the first instate of its kind in Dhule District.
The strength of the students in commerce faculty in rural area was satisfactory up to the year 1991/1992. But then there was bad patch and every year thereafter the strength was declining. This continued up to 1996-1997. To overcome this serious problem, the college organized seminars, meetings of the parents and as a strategy we decided to start separate division in English medium. The Principal and the senior faculty member approached & appealed to university authorities to receive course structure and syllabus in Commerce faculty which fortunately was accepted & adopted by University Authorities & from the year 1996-97. The strength of students started picking up and now we have nearly full strength i.e. more than 200 student in first year. In fact there are some students in the waiting list but can not be admitted. Our college which has only degree course and no post graduate course has the highest strength in commerce faculty in the entire district.
The student not only from the city but also from the adjoining tahasil places like Shirpur, Sakri, Chalisagaon, Chopada, Shahada join our college, despite having college in their places.
Our college has become a feeding center of I.M.E., our sister institute for its courses in Diploma in Computer Management. & Master in Computer Management.
Our college is now regarded as the leading and a premier college in the field of commerce, due to its performance in academic as well as other co-curricular & extra curricular activities. One remarkable feature of our college is that some of the parents of our students have donated funds for sponsoring prizes and shields to the students of our college for different activities & competitions. (Shri. Dilip Ganu, Shri Rajiv Kulkarni, Shri. Pandharinath Soar, Shre. Joshi, Prof. Ketkar, Prof.Varade, Prof. Mrs. Warkhede)
Some of the parents have donated funds as financial assistance to the poor & needy students. (Shri. Joshi, Shri. Mundada)
We work as a team. All our members of staff and our students are socially committed and quality conscious.
The Management of the college has been very conscious as far as completing the quota of reservations for employees. We have in our teaching and non teaching staff not only completed our quota but also exceeded the quota.
As regards our members of faculty, we can boast that out of 14, four have obtained their ph. D. degree during the last 5 years and one more is working on his ph. D. Two other members have passed NET & SET Examination in merit. Our librarian has obtained his Master degree in Arts & Masters degree in Library Science, during his employment in this college.
Our Director of Physical Education Prof. Barse has obtained his Masters degree in Physical Education during these employments. Almost all members of our teaching faculty have completed their refresher courses, orientation courses and that too in the grade ‘outstanding’ ‘A’ or ‘B+’. One member of our faculty Mr. Chavan was selected by the University for the Post of ‘Director of Student welfare’ and was adjudged as Best N.S.S coordinator by the state Government.
Beside their commitment to academics, our member of teaching & non teaching staff are involved in number of social & cultural activities and devote time for such activities.
As regards our non-teaching staff our Office Superintendent Mr. Ravidra Zende has een awarded two additional increments for his excellent services. Another member of non teaching staff Sanjay Kulkarni who also is a news paper reporter was awarded State Level P.V. Gadgil award for Investigative Journalism. Our class four employees have also been trying to upgrade themselves. One of our colleagues Shri. Madhav Gurav has completed Computer course. Other colleagues Prakash Joshi and Bhikan Shinde are office bearers in some social organization.
One unique feature worth mentioning is that during the last 20 years there is not a single case of disciplinary action against any member of the staff of the college.

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